Downsend +

New Skills, new Adventures, new friends. Downsend + runs throughout the half term and school holiday breaks.  Open to everyone, our leader, Rebecca Peak, organises an amazing programme each holiday.

Downsend +

The school’s active programme continues into the half terms and holidays, when Downsend+ and Downsend Pre-Prep+ take over. Both offer holiday care provision for all our pupils and friends of Downsend School in a familiar and secure environment.

Downsend+ is based at our Prep School and caters for children from 5 – 13, whilst our younger children can attend Downsend Pre-Prep+, from age 2-5 at our Pre-Prep in Leatherhead.

Combined with our term time schooling, Downsend+ can provide 50 week child care from 8.00am to 5.30pm. Run by staff who are involved with teaching the children during term time, it aims to fulfil the needs of parents and children alike. With a large variety of activities, it gives pupils access to exciting and absorbing workshops and courses where they make new friends and gain new skills.

For new children joining the Prep School, this is also a relaxed, happy and informal way to discover the site and a great way to familiarise your child with the school.

Our 2017-2018 Contact Form is available here which will need to be completed for this academic year and will not need to be completed again unless any of the details change.

Summer 2018

Our Summer 2018 programme is now complete and we have plenty of exciting plans for children attending. A booking form is available here and a course description is available here.

Please contact if you have any queries or call 07909 861 280.

Parent Testimonials

“Georgie and Jonny had so many fantastic experiences this Summer.  They really enjoyed the special themed days at the school but especially loved the scuba diving, water-skiing, golf, trail hoppers and Body shop day.  Summers are so much easier and enjoyable all round with Downsend+. A very BIG thank you!”

“Thank you so much for a great Halloween. I thought the tunnel of terror was excellent – really good, such clever ideas especially with Frankenstein!”


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