Parents Association

Welcome to DAPA!

DAPA (Downsend Ashtead Parents’ Association) is an active body of Downsend Pre-Prep Ashtead parents who organise events and activities throughout the year.  We aim to promote a fun, friendly environment enabling parents, pupils and staff to get together in a relaxed and informal setting.

DAPA hosts a number of events throughout the year for the parents and children, including Race and Quiz Nights, the Pumpkin Party, Easter Party and Spring/Summer Fair.  We are also involved in supporting special activities in the school, such as the magical transformation of the playground into a Winter Wonderland at Christmas and the visit from the Easter Bunny!

The funds raised throughout the year pays for special treats for the children that enhance their learning experience.  Last year, they included the Living Eggs which all the children love to watch every day and to see the chicks hatch from their eggs over a 2 week period.  DAPA also treated the whole school with a visit from the Junk Orchestra who inspired us all how to make music from recycled waste and the Openbox Theatre to show the children how to use role play, drama, movement and music to bring topics to life.  This was entirely thanks to parental support and fundraising activities such as the children’s artwork Christmas gift and the Summer Fair raffle.

Information about DAPA events

Details of our events are published in the termly calendar, the weekly newsletter, the DAPA noticeboard (outside by the gate) and sent out by email or book bags where appropriate.

How can you help?

A Class Rep is an informal, voluntary role for one or two parents in each class, designed to help create social networks between parents and build a friendly, informed environment for your child’s class.  Class Reps will generally organise a contact list to circulate around parents in the class, as well as organising coffee mornings and/or nights out.  From DAPA’s perspective, they are an important way of communicating information about our events to parents in the school.  However, Class Reps are not expected to be a ‘voice’ of the parents in the class; if parents have concerns, they are encouraged to raise them directly with the school.

The success of DAPA fundraising and events relies completely on volunteers from within the school, and any parent who is able to offer help or ideas is very welcome!  Some are involved on the committee, others take on the organisation of particular events, while many Mums and Dads support DAPA when they can, such as setting up events or helping out at the Spring/Summer Fair.  The committee meet once or twice a term and it’s a great way to meet other parents and get more involved in the school.

The DAPA Committee 2017/18

There are four key roles within the DAPA committee; Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and this year’s committee are:


Lynsay Haque

Vice Chair

Kelly Clement


Kerry Lovell


Emma Smith

The other committee members are – Victoria Simmons, Stephanie Charalambous, Claire Gay, Dawn Truong, Katharine Dolan, Sadiya Khan, Victoria Driscoll and Lucinda Ling.

If you would like more details please contact your Class Representative or the DAPA Chair, Lynsay Haque, by email:

01372 372311