Upper Senior School Teaching (ages 13-16)

Upper Senior School Teaching (ages 13-16)

Karl Newland

Welcome to the Downsend 3 Year GCSE

Year 9 is an exciting point in the Downsend journey and represents the start of a three year GCSE, designed to ensure not only the very best GCSE outcomes, but also to provide an opportunity to enjoy the amazing breadth on offer in the Downsend curriculum, and beyond.

In Year 9, students will start to build, consolidate, and apply their knowledge as they work towards their GCSE exams in Year 11. They will be helped and encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and to develop skills that will allow them to flourish both academically and personally.

We have a strong and dedicated team of GCSE specialists who have shaped their teaching to deliver the curriculum in imaginative, engaging, and inspiring ways.

Immersive Learning

Downsend’s 3 year GCSE programme has been carefully designed to allow students to fully engage with the subject area, immersing themselves without having to rush their learning.

Building in the additional year allows us the opportunity to expand on the curriculum in greater depth. It also allows students to stretch themselves through our enrichment programme, actively participate in sport and the creative arts as well as being part of the vibrant community.


Enriching and Stretching

All our recent experience and wider research into future happiness and career success, has shown us that it is absolutely key for pupils to develop both EQ (emotional intelligence) as well as IQ (purely academic achievements). We have built a 3 year KS4 programme, which allows pupils the time and flexibility to engage in both STEAM and Future Skills-based enrichment activities, as well as our Music and Creative Arts programme and Leadership programmes. We have an absolute commitment to academic rigour and success, but also hugely value the wider skills that can be developed through our Creative Arts, Sports, Citizenship or Leadership programmes.

Teacher and pupils

Skills Focused

At Downsend, we work with students to be well equipped academically, but crucially we place equal importance on their value to the wider world and the skills they will need as they become young adults. We encourage a can-do spirit, the independence to tackle problems, and natural confidence that brings opportunities whatever the future may hold.


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