Upper Senior School Teaching (ages 14-16)

Upper Senior School Teaching (ages 14-16)

By delivering a 3 year GCSE programme, leading directly from our Year 7 and 8 programme, we enable students to fully engage with the subject area at greater depth and to gain a broad understanding of the syllabus without rushing their learning. We also consider it important that pupils have the time to undertake enrichment or extra-curricular activities that enable that learning to come to life, and believe this leads to stronger educational outcomes.

Young people at Downsend will learn independence, problem-solving and confidence and how to apply them to a range of subject areas.

  • All students will study at least 9 subjects
    • 6 subjects are compulsory: English, English Language, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
    • 3 subjects can be chosen from: Computing, History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology, PE, French, Religious Studies, Music and Drama.

We are currently planning our integrated GCSE curriculum and will be updating these pages imminently.

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