Healthy School

Healthy School

Healthy School

The 10+ strong catering team, led by Thomas Franks, aim to deliver an outstanding quality of food. We monitor national nutritional targets and incorporate them in our menu planning.

The lunchtime menu is varied and nutritionally balanced to promote healthy eating habits for the future. The younger children are encouraged to choose a meal which they are confident they will enjoy. A copy of the current school menu can be viewed so that you can discuss with your child what they might choose to have each day.

School uses local suppliers wherever possible to source fresh ingredients, which are cooked on the premises daily. We recognise the role we have in enhancing pastoral care, ensuring that children obtain nutritious, healthy & balanced meals to fuel their bodies and minds.

Healthy Snacks

Downsend is a nut aware school. Some pupils at Downsend have life threatening allergies to foods, especially nuts and peanuts. We ask parents and pupils to refrain from sending or bringing in snacks which contain nuts of any sort, in order to avoid any accidents.

Please see below our list of recommended snacks:

Food Recommended Choice   Fair Choice  (occasionally)
Breads: Sandwiches with  savoury fillings, pitta pockets, bread sticks, pizza slices – especially wholemeal, multigrain, high-fibre white and granary breads
Drinks: Milk
Low-fat milk shakes
Yoghurt drinks
Pure fruit juices (preferably diluted)
Fruit juice drinks
Fruit smoothies
Individual cans of fruit in natural juice
Fruit: Fresh fruit
Raw vegetables
Bakery items: Crispbreads, crackers, rice cakes, oat cakes, crumpets, pikelets and scones, fruit loaf, tea cakes, currant buns Wholemeal cakes and plain wholemeal biscuits, plain biscuits, flapjacks, fruit cake
Dairy Products: Natural yoghurt with added fruit low-fat/diet yoghurts
Diet fromage frais
Reduced-fat cheese portions
Full-fat yoghurts
Ordinary low-fat yoghurts Cheese portions
Confectionery: Cereal bars—nut free
Muesli bars—nut free
Savoury Snacks: Plain popcorn Carob/yoghurt covered raisins

School Nurse

A fully qualified School Nurse is available from 9.00am to 4.00pm at the main school site each school day. The Nurse deals with all medical issues as they arise on site, contacting parents if a child is too unwell to remain at school. She also oversees the dispensing of any medication brought to school, and is available at any time to discuss any health concerns with parents.

The following medical forms are available to download here.

Prep School Pupil Health Record Form
Medical Record Update Form
Request for School to Administer Medication

01372 372197