Junior School Teaching (ages 6-11)

Junior School Teaching (ages 6-11)

At Downsend, we believe that lessons should be fun and creative so that your child is excited to learn. History does not come alive for children from the pages of a dusty book, comprehension of fractions does not last past break if the experience is not memorable. Our learning is immersive; it’s hands-on, positive, and enriching. It is not uncommon to see children in the Junior School learning about fractions by breaking chocolate into chunks, re-enacting the most challenging political rebellions using fruit, or walking around dressed as Egyptians. We find that active learning engages the children’s imagination, enriches the curriculum, and makes learning fun.

Our classes are small enabling our dedicated teachers to nurture and stretch every child and to help them to achieve their full academic potential.

Clare Kirkham – Head of the Junior School

clare kirkham

Year 2

Junior boy

Children are taught mainly in small form groups with a form tutor. They have specialist teaching in French, Technology, Sport, Music and Religious Studies.

Year 3

group playground

Children continue to be taught in small form groups with additional specialist teaching in both Spelling and Languages.

Year 4

group experiment

Setting in the core academic subjects is introduced. Children develop their strengths at their own pace within sets.

Year 5

Children develop their knowledge further with specialist lessons across all subjects areas. These involve Maths, Science, English and Reasoning.

Year 6

Girls on pcs

Children begin the process of transition between Junior and Senior schools, having specialist lessons across all subjects areas. They will be set in Maths, Science, English and MFL, and have the option to attend Reasoning lessons in the Autumn Term. Exposure to positions of responsibility in the Junior School ensure that pupils are fully equipped to make the move into senior schooling the following year.

Taught in forms and by subject specialists:
























Religious Studies






Design & Technology

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