Healthy School

Healthy School

Our catering team, led by Thomas Franks, serve our pupils nutritionally balanced meals every lunchtime offering meat, fish and vegetarian options, a salad bar and other healthy alternatives.  The team uses locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and aim to deliver outstanding quality, every day.

We work hard to instill a positive attitude towards food in our pupils, encouraging them to try new things and educating them on the importance of a balanced diet.  Once a month we have themed lunches serving different cuisines from around the globe.

As well as the rotation of main meals, the salad bar offers a selection of dishes to appeal to our pupils’ healthy nature and provide further nourishment alongside their hot lunch. This is complemented by a range of fresh, homemade soups and bread, on offer daily.

Health Education

We offer health education across school to develop the children’s knowledge and to help them make healthy choices throughout their lifetime.

We teach them about physical, mental, emotional and social health. Motivating the children to improve and maintain their health and reduce risky behaviour.

Dedicated Nurse on hand

We have a dedicated, qualified nurse on site at 1 Leatherhead Road from 9.00am to 4pm Monday to Friday, to care for ill and injured children. Our Nurse will also be on call to look after any child at Little Downsend that need care.  Parents will be contacted if the Nurse feels that a pupil is too unwell to remain in school or if an injury needs medical attention.  Parents are always informed by email if any First Aid procedure has been administered to their child during school hours.



Every child’s safety at school is of vital importance.  We are responsible for day-to-day health and safety whenever your child is in our care on or offsite and we take this seriously.  Our Health and Safety Policy outlines details of how we will look after your child or children when they are in our care.

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