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Egyptian Week

Egyptian Day at Downsend School

Egyptian Week

What an exciting week it’s been! Year 3 has been transported back in time for our Egyptian week. On Thursday, the school was awash with Pharaohs and mummies as the children came in dressed up for our Egyptian day, and they enjoyed workshops lead by the Open Box Theatre Company and the creation of scarab beetle artefacts. In lessons, the children have been immersed in a variety of creative cross curricular activities to find out more about the Ancient Egyptians and the fascinating lives they lived. We have been on an Egyptian treasure hunt using our mathematical knowledge of quarter turns to guide us, composed and performed Egyptian poetry and even explored the way in which the Egyptians preserved bodies by mummifying tomatoes! It was a pleasure to see the children  take such pride in presenting their Egyptian projects which they have worked so hard on the past few weeks. Congratulations Year 3! A fantastic week of creative learning!

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